Befikre Review  – बेफिक्रे रिव्यु

दिलवाले दुल्हनिया ले जाएंगे, मोहब्बतें, रब ने बना दी जोड़ी के बाद बेफिक्रे  Movie पर पूरे Bollywood की निगाह है, अपनी चूमा चाटी (21 Kisses)और अंडरवेयर शो ऑफ के लिये ये फिल्म चर्चा में है.

पर कैसी है ये फिल्म, आपको बताते हैं:

चुंबनों में लिपटी एक कमजोर कहानी

नयापन नहीं – रणवीर, वाणी आ सकते हैं युवाओं को पसंद

बोझिल और थका देनेे वाली फिल्म है

Vaani Kapoor's Oops Moment [Caught On Camera]

बेफिक्रे स्टोरी: What begins as a one night madness ends in a relationship. But Dharam and Shyra fall for love just as quickly. Where will life take her now?

Can two temperamental and volatile exes become friends? In a Yash Raj movie, they sure can.

Aditya Chopra’s Befikre goes International.

Dharam (Ranveer Singh) and Shyra (Vaani Kapoor) have recently broken and can not see eye to eye. In flashbacks full of songs, we see their cute encounter, how they dared each other to do crazy things and entered into a live-in relationship, only to realize that they were incompatible.

Soon they come to terms with their breakup, but decide to remain friends. When their individual love lives restart, friendship is put to the test.

Befikre is a victim of the inevitability of love stories. There really can only be two results, and then, the trip to those results makes the movie. The plot is not original, but the sparkling chemistry between the leads pulls you through most of the film. Essentially, it’s like Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai from the same flag, but in reverse.

Befikre censored-Miraculously the kisses remained untouched.

Dharam is the nightmare of all feminists: A homophobic boy straight from Delhi that girls of whores, lesbians will lie down with him and is offended by the lack of remorse a girl feels after breaking up with him. Only Singh could have gotten this character out without being unpleasant. It is fun to see him in a way out of his intense role of Bajirao, but to be fair, he is familiar with this territory. Shyra is a smart girl with a good head on her shoulders and the cheerful act of Vaani makes you wonder why she has not worked more!

There are innumerable setbacks to DDLJ and most bring a smile to your face. One that stands out particularly is a mother-daughter scene, much like the Farida Jalal-Kajol scene. There Jalal’s character told Kajol that women have to suppress their feelings; In this updated version, Shyra’s mother tells her to stand up for herself.

Befikre has some honest and funny moments and the attempt to update the genre is apparent, but they do not come out with anything new.

If you are worried about some laughter, some YRF nostalgia and are, well, promiscuous with your choice of romcoms, could take a chance with this.

Comedy of Laughters

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